The Super Bowl as a Lesson in Death Planning

Dung stuff happens. Seriously. Bad, unexpected things happen. And sometimes it happens smack dab in the middle of your perfectly extraordinarily well-executed plans.

Remember the Super Bowl blackout 2 years ago?

Okay, nobody died, but it still shows how the unexpected can come out of nowhere. And do you really think the advertisers didn’t want to kill some people after that?

Do you have any idea what kind of planning goes into a Super Bowl? It’s freaking bonkers. There’s more security than at the White House (where you can apparently jump the fence and waltz through half the tour area before the Secret Service notices).

But still, a Beyonce halftime show, in all its bootylicious glory, managed to blow the power. Suffice it to say, Bey and the Superbowl planners aren’t the only ones to experience the absolute unexpected. Take heed.

Like J.J. Watt coming in on your blind side, BAM! – you could be down and out, without warning.

Hopefully nothing will happen to you by this Sunday. But it could, even if you’re not taking brain-jostling blows in front of millions of viewers while team owners line their pockets at your expense. (Yeah. It’s an official American tradition. Get over it.)

Get this:

Car-crash fatalities rise 41% on Super Bowl Sunday after the broadcast ends.

For reals. That’s based on more than 25 years worth of data. That’s rock solid data. (Rock solid like Marshawn Lynch running all over the Patriot’s defense. Yeah, I said it.)

So if you head out this Sunday to watch Brady play with his deflated balls; whether you’re at a buddy’s house or a bar, the chances of unexpected disaster (well, not so unexpected now that I’ve warned you) on your commute are through the roof. Just sayin’.

The good news is that even if you unexpectedly wind up at the Great Draft Day in the Sky, you don’t have to leave your loved ones stressing about what you leave behind. You’ve got between now and Sunday to plan.

Seriously. Get your head in the game.

Pull together a list of your online login names and passwords, of those accounts where you only get emailed statements, of funeral plans, and where to find the key to the riding lawnmower. Put it somewhere super safe so nobody inappropriate finds it too early. But put it somewhere obvious enough that the right person is sure to find it when you kickoff (get it – kickoff?).

Better yet, make it easy on yourself. Use Estate Map. In less time than it takes for a commercial timeout, you can go to and get yourself registered. Do it by the end of Super Bowl Sunday and the promo code “GOTEAM” will get you 25% off. Estate Map will help you easily gather comprehensive info, keep it secure, and share it with others automatically once “the Coach calls you in.”

Meanwhile, maybe you can invite everyone to your house to watch the game this time. It’s safer.